What is Casa La Parrot?

Casa La Parrot began in 1978 as West Michigan's only exclusive companion parrot store, and still is today! We specialize in hand fed baby birds and providing specialized bird services and products. Doreen Plotkowski has owned Casa La Parrot since May 2012 and has given her heart and soul into creating a loving, warm environment where the birds always comes first. We provide a multitude of services, information, and products to help our first time bird "parronts" and our long time experienced "parronts".  

Casa Staff

Doreen- Owner of Casa La Parrot. She has lifelong experiences with birds. Her first baby bird she hand raised is Louie the cockatiel and he is 10 years old now. Her flock also includes Reca her Timneh African Grey, Rosa her senior Goffin Cockatoo, Manny her baby Goffin Cockatoo, Pepper her Blue and Gold Macaw, Newton her Cape, and Kya her Congo African Grey.

Jessica - Manager of Casa La Parrot. She started her love of birds at 14 years old when Izzy her Green Cheek Conure entered her life. Her flock now includes Tootsie her Yellow Naped Amazon (love of her life), Wednesday her Pineapple Conure, Stan "Spider Man" Lee her Goffin Cockatoo, Max her husband's Green Wing Macaw, Alex her husband's Congo African Grey, Charlie her chatty Blue & Gold Macaw, Freya her beautiful Crimson Bellied Conure, and Veto her Shamrock Macaw in his birthday suit (check him out on our resident birds page)

Maggie- Assistant manager of Casa La Parrot. She has always loved birds, and begged to have parakeets as a child. Now her flock includes Crush her White Bellied Caique, Squirt her Black Capped Caique, Delta her Military Macaw, Harley her Umbrella Cockatoo, Ryker her husband's Green Wing Macaw, Asher her Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoo, Citori her Harlequinn Macaw, and Olly her daughter's lovebird. 

Aimee- Our Eclectus expert! If you have any questions about taking care of an Eclectus please ask for Aimee at the store. She also created informational documents about specialized care for birds on our Specialty Bird Care page. She is owned by Madelyn her red-sided Eclectus, Sam her Blue-headed Pionus, Edward Scissorbeak her Blue & Gold Macaw, Squishy her Parrotlet, and Rio her Blue Front Amazon. 

Kathy- When a bird needs help she is there, ready to nurse them back to health! Kathy is owned by Bella Rae her Greenwing Macaw, Zeus her Blue & Gold macaw, Lexi her Congo African Grey, Paisley her Maximillian Pionus, Ezra her Elonora Cockatoo, Leo her Cockatiel, Aria and Ellie her Quakers, Levi her Indian Ringneck, Cassian, Jyn, Gypsy, and Nyx her Lovebirds, and her flock of parakeets.

Maddi- She can "fit in" to any challenge! She is owned by Gamora her Quaker, Adrian and Drax her Cockatiels, Lola her White-Bellied Caique, and Evie her Lovebird.

Amanda- Our go-getter gal who makes sure every bird is loved and taken care of. Amanda is owned by Nigel her Umbrella Cockatoo, Elmer her Blue & Gold macaw, Kermit and Kryten her Severe macaws, and Derby her Derbyan.

Aubrie- With a generous heart, she takes time to help the store every day and makes sure all our parrots are spoiled. Also, Aubrie is our star photographer! She is owned by Apollo her Illegers Macaw and Maxime her Congo African Grey. 

Lynsie- No bird is too big for her! If you have suggestions for our website please leave a note for Lynsie at the store! She is owned by Roxy her Green Cheek Conure, Jazz her Green Wing Macaw, and Carlos her Yellow-naped Amazon. Her husband is owned by Zeus his Green Cheek Conure.