Hand-raised Baby parrots

We specialize in raising hand-fed baby parrots that begin their lives with us at about two weeks old. Our baby parrots are nurtured and cared for in our temperature controlled nursery and are fed nutritional baby formula until they are completely weened. Baby birds will not be allowed to go to their forever home until they are completely weened off of baby formula and are eating adult food independently. Baby birds are available for purchase once they are fully feathered, but they may not go to their forever home until they are completely weened of baby food. New "parront" owners are encouraged to visit and nurture their new baby bird as often as they can to promote bonding.

For available baby parrots, please check out our Facebook page or call our store. 

We can add you to our wait list for upcoming baby parrots. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Rehome Parrots

We also provide the service of helping to rehome parrots. Major life changes happen that we cannot predict and we understand these circumstances may require your parrot needing a new home. If you are looking to rehome a parrot, please ask for our manager when contacting our store. 

We strive to find a FOREVER home for all parrots in our store. All parrots that go through our rehoming service have specific requirements based on their individual needs. These parrots will require someone with previous experience with their species, or a similar species. Also, we require 3 monitored visits where staff can observe the parrot being handled in and out of the cage with a possible adopter. Proof of an appropriate sized cage and membership to the Parrot Project may be required before completing the adoption.