Frequently Asked Questions

What birds don't bite?
All birds have the ability to bite and will bite when provoked. 

Which birds are quiet?
There are no quiet bird species. Search videos of parrots and listen to them with your volume all the way up and that is just a small glimpse of what it's like having a bird in your life. 

Which birds talk?
All parrots have the ability to talk, whether they choose to talk or not is up to them. Certain species are more likely to talk than others, but we do not guarantee that any individual species will talk.  

How often does my bird need to get trimmed?
We recommend birds are regularly trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. Please see our Trimming and Boarding page for more information. 

Should I have two birds in the same cage?
We highly recommend that your do not cage birds together unless you plan on breeding, in which you will need a proper breeding set-up.

Should I get 2 Lovebirds?
No, they will stay friendlier to you if they are in their own cage.

How are your birds priced?
Birds are priced based on what what breeders' costs are. 

When will you have a bird available?
We cannot predict when a species is available. It depends on when birds breed and if we're able to get them. If there is a specific species you are interested in, we can add your name to our waiting list and will contact you as soon as we have a bird available. 

How long do birds live?
Anywhere between 7 to 120 years (depending on species and their health)

Do birds have to see a veterinarian?
We recommend they see an avian veterinarian once yearly, and immediately if they show any signs of illness. Please see our Veterinary and Medical page for vets we recommend. 

How can I tell if my bird is sick?
Their poop is a big signal if their health is declining. Also, any change in their behavior can be a sign of illness. Please call us if you have concerns about your bird and we can help direct you on how to help your bird. 

Why does Casa recommend trimming wings?
For the bird's safety.

What is a good first bird?
Cockatiels and conures tend to be great first birds based on their temperament and level of care.

What age is appropriate for my child to get a bird?
We recommend that the child is old enough to handle the responsibility of proper bird care, which can vary from child to child. They need to be able to handle the bird everyday, feed and water the bird, and clean the cage.